Tijuana Other Plans, Projects and Special Studies

Additional plans and projects not necessarily associated with the Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP) are listed below.

Transitional Monitoring and Assessment Program Report (TMAR)

A requirement of the Municipal Permit Order No. 2013-0001 (as amended in Order Nos. R9-2015-0001 and R9-2015-0100), transitional monitoring was conducted and reported on prior to development of the Tijuana WQIP. The reports, appendices, and associated documents can be found below:

Tijuana River (TJR) Transitional Monitoring and Assessment Program Report (TMAR)

WQIP Annual Reports (AR)

The Tijuana River WMA RAs participated in the San Diego Regional Reference Streams and Beaches Studies (Southern California Coastal Water Research Project [SCCWRP], 2015 and SCCWRP, 2016, respectively) by providing financial support and input during development of the study, thus fulfilling the Municipal Permit requirement to complete a regional special study. 

The Tijuana River WMA RAs also participated in the Tijuana River WMA Sediment Source Identification and Prioritization Study (Sediment Special Study). Data collection under Phase I of the Sediment Special Study was completed during FY 2016. In June 2017, the Phase I summary report was finalized. Phase I identified potential land use types of sediment contribution and recommended typical BMP types to address these sources. The summary report is included as Attachment D to Appendix 3 of the annual report. Section 5 of Appendix 3 summarizes the special studies conducted in the Tijuana River WMA. 

Tijuana River WMA WQIP 2016–2017 Annual Report