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San Diego Region Stormwater Capture and Use Feasibility Study (SWCFS)

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Study Overview

The County of San Diego is developing a Stormwater Capture and Use Feasibility Study that will assess the opportunities and constraints applicable to San Diego County. The purpose of this study is to provide a County-wide analysis to determine the feasibility of planning, constructing, operating and managing facilities that capture and use stormwater beneficially. The study will provide data that may inform future stormwater management decisions. The completed study will be incorporated into the updated San Diego Integrated Regional Water Management Plan and supplement the analysis of the approved San Diego Region Stormwater Resource Plan. The completion of this study will improve the opportunities for future grant funding for these types of projects.

Study Results – Coming Soon

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The development of the Stormwater Capture and Use Feasibility Study will be informed by a Technical Advisory Committee, who will provide input to the study related to stormwater capture such as storage, conveyance and use.

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Study Timeline

Click here for a detailed SWCFS Project Schedule

SWCFS Calendar of Events

TAC meetings are tentatively scheduled for the following months. Date and time details for each meeting will be provided closer to the meeting month.” to “TAC meetings will scheduled around the dates described in the MS Project schedule, posted above, and will be included in this calendar as soon as the actual date and time details for each meeting are set. Other events related to the SWCFS development will be included on this calendar, as appropriate.

TAC Meetings

TAC Meeting #1

TAC Meeting #2

TAC Meeting #3

TAC Meeting #4

TAC Meeting #5

Technical Memo’s

Technical Memo #1

Technical Memo #2

Technical Memo #3

Technical Memo #4

Final Report
FINAL SWCFS Report November 2018

Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM)

San Diego Region IRWM Program

Integrated Regional Water Management Planning for San Diego Region

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