Only Rain in the Storm Drain:

We need your help to keep our waterways clean. If you see anything other than water from a rain event in the curb, gutter, alley, or street, please report pollution below. Your contact information is confidential and will only be used contact you regarding details of this complaint.

Here are some examples of items that should be reported:

Irrigation Runoff

Irrigation runoff can pick up pollutants that accumulate on the ground like dirt, bacteria, trash, and motor oil, and may send it into the nearest storm drain. Eventually, bacteria and other pollutants in the storm drain system could enter our creeks and beaches untreated.

Sediment and Erosion

Soil, dirt, and gravel are among the many common stormwater pollutants that can degrade water quality.  Stormwater runoff from property often contains large amounts of soil and dirt.  This material may cause blockages of pipe and can cause flooding.  Soil and dirt can also harm aquatic life by clogging the gills of fish, blocking light transmission, lowering water temperatures, and inhibiting photosynthesis.

Illegal Dumping

Litter and trash are among the many common stormwater pollutants that degrade water quality.  Besides being unsightly, litter and trash can cause stormwater blockages of pipe and cause flooding.  Trash also can harm aquatic life such as fish and frogs.

Other Illegal Discharges

Examples include: improper storage of material, improper vehicle washing, improper pool/spa discharge, pesticides and other pollution causing activities.


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