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Program Planning Subcommittee


The Program Planning Subcommittee (PPS) serves as an intermediary between the Regional Stormwater Management Committee (RMC) and other Copermittee Working Bodies and provides regional coordination of urban runoff management activities, develops and implements Regional General Programs, and directs and coordinates the activities of Regional, Watershed, or Other General Programs. It consists of nine (9) members, each representing a watershed outlined in the Municipal Permit, Order No. R9-2013-0001 (as amended by order Nos. R9-2015-0001 and R9-2015-0100).

For PPS contact information, please check out the PPS Members page.

Current Events

The PPS typically meets on a monthly or semi-monthly basis. Meetings, along with their agendas, meeting summaries, and meeting materials, are linked to below.

For additional current events pertaining to the PPS, please check out our calendar

Program Planning Subcommittee Meetings and Agendas Archive