County of San Diego JRMP

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County of San Diego Jurisdictional Runoff Management Program

The County’s Jurisdictional Runoff Management Program (JRMP) was prepared in response to new regulatory requirements adopted by the Regional Water Quality Control Board. The purpose of the JRMP document is to guide implementation of programs and strategies to reduce pollutants discharged from the County’s storm drain system to receiving waters.

The Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) Investigations Procedures (discussed in Section 6.6 of the JRMP) are available at the link below.

JRMP Cover & Table of Contents
Section 1 – Introduction
Section 2 – Administrative and Legal Procedures
Section 3 – Development Planning Component
Section 4 – Construction Component
Section 5 – Existing Development Component
Section 6 – Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Component
Section 7 – Public Education Component
Section 8 – Public Participation
Section 9 – Enforcement Response Plan
Section 10 – Fiscal Analysis Component
Section 11 – Effectiveness Assessment Component
Section 12 – Modifications to the JRMP
Section 13 – Conclusions & Recommendations
 IDDE Investigation Procedures