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Project Clean Water

A Water Quality Resource for the San Diego Region

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San Diego Model SUSMP and HMP

The Stormwater Copermittee Land Development Workgroup is responsible for the development and update of the Countywide Model Standard Urban Stormwater Management Plan (SUSMP) and Hydromodification Management Plan (HMP), as well as related tools and resources.  Workgroup information can be found here.

Final Countywide Model SUSMP

Appendix A - Stormwater Pollutant Sources/Source Control Checklist

Appendix B - Final Hydromodification Management Plan (HMP)



BMP Sizing Spreadsheet Version 2.0 (Posted March 28, 2014, revised on October 9, 2014 and October 1, 2016)

The BMP Sizing Calculator has been updated and can now be downloaded from the Model BMP Design Manual for San Diego Region page:


Model BMP Design Manual for San Diego Region



Download this file (2014-11-18 APWA Workshop Combined.pdf)2014-11-18 APWA Workshop Combined.pdf[ ]7030 Kb
Download this file (BMP Sizing Spreadsheet V1.04.xlsx)BMP Sizing Spreadsheet V1.04[Sizing tool for compliance with the 2007 MS4 Permit]1327 Kb
Download this file (Channel Vulnerability Calculator.xlsx)Channel Vulnerability Calculator.xlsx[ ]2192 Kb
Download this file (HMP_Submittal_Requirements_BMPSizingSpreadsheet.pdf)HMP_Submittal_Requirements_BMPSizingSpreadsheet.pdf[ ]19 Kb



Wet Basins

Biorentention Facilities

Dry Wells

Planter Boxes



SDHM 3.0 User Workshop Morning Session May 2016

SDHM 3.0 User Workshop Afternoon Session May 2016

City of San Diego Hydromodification Workshop

APWA SCCWRP/CSU Hydromodification Screening Tool Training - June 2012

APWA BMP Sizing Calculator Training - March 2011

APWA BMP Sizing Calculator Example Problems - March 2011

APWA Sponsored SUSMP Training - March 2010

San Diego Regional Model SUSMP Process Overview

Low Impact Development What it is and What it does

Stormwater Treatment Requirements for New Developments

Review of the Model SUSMP

Using the LID Design Guide to Prepare and Review Project Submittals

Exercise: Using the Model SUSMP LID Design Guide and Example 1d3 slide

Avoiding Common Errors in LID Design and Construction

HMP and LID Sizing Calculator for the San Diego Region

APWA HSPF Model Training - June 2009

Status of San Diego’s Local Hydromodification Management Plan (HMP) Planning

Developing Tools for Hydromodification Management and Assessment Update

Review of the Model SUSMP

Integrating Hydromodification Management Into the SUSMP

Using LID to Meet NPDES Treatment and Hydromodification Requirements

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