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Regional Stormwater Management Committee

The San Diego Regional Stormwater Management Committee (Management Committee) is comprised of representatives of the 21 Copermittees to the San Diego Municipal Stormwater Permit (Order No. 2001-01). The Management Committee develops and oversees regional urban runoff management programs in San Diego County. It serves as a forum for the coordination of urban runoff management activities across jurisdictions, and provides a framework for establishing consistency between regional, watershed, and jurisdictional programs. Several working bodies have been established to carry out other specific functions.


Management Committee Chair Jon Van Rhyn, County of San Diego
For more information, or to be added to our distribution list, 
contact Jon at 858.495.5133

The Management Committee meets bimonthly, or more frequently when needed. Meetings are open to all interested parties.
Next Meeting(s)
Date: March 24, 2011
Time: TBD
Location: The new County Operation Center Training Room
Meeting Summaries

  • November 17, 2005

  • January 17, 2008

  • March 20, 2008

January 20, 2011 meeting slides (January 2011)

San Diego County Municipal Copermittees 2009-2010 Annual Monitoring Summary (January 2011)

California Stormwater Quality Association Annual Update to Members 2010 presentation (November 2010)

Regional Hydromodification Management Plan (HMP) update presentation (June 17, 2010)

Regional Industrial/Commercial Workgroup update presentation (June 17, 2010)

San Diego County Municipal Copermittees 2008-2009 Annual Monitoring Summary presentation (March 18, 2010)

Update on Regional Reporting and Assessment Standards Task (March 18, 2010)

San Diego Municipal Stormwater Copermittees, Regional Management Committee Presentation (January 21 ,2010)

Updates to General Construction Permit (October 2009)

California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) Update (August 2009)

Regional Workgroup and sub-workgroup Assignment FY 2008-09 (July 2008)

Updated Model SUSMP Presentation (July 2008)

Regional Strategy for the Regulation of Mobile Businesses presentation (November 2007)

Potential Regional Infrastructure Investments SANDAG presentation (November 2007)

2007 Wildfires: Impacts to Copermittee Programs presentation (November 2007)

Regional Residential Education Program Update (September 2007)

Integrated Regional Watershed Management Plan Update (September 2007)

Regional Reporting and Assessment Standards Update (September 2007)

Proposed Fiscal Year 2007-08 Regional Shared Costs presentation (March 2007)

San Diego IRWM Plan Overview presentation (July 2006)

Vector - Stormwater Presentation (November, 2006)

Fire Sprinkler Discharge presentation (July 2006)

Porous Pavement and Model Municipal Operations Center Grant presentation (July 2006)

City of Poway, Structural BMPs (July 2006)

2004-2005 Regional Urban Runoff Monitoring Program Update (March 16, 2006)

Monitoring Program Redesign, 2006 Permit Draft (ROWD Submittal Information) (March 16, 2006)

Common Ground Website Introduction Presentation (January 19, 2006) 
As see the demonstration website @

2003-2004 Regional Urban Runoff Monitoring Program Update (March 17, 2005)

UC Coop's IPM presentation (March 17, 2005) 

Alliance for Compliance Presentation (July 22, 2004)


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