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Santa Margarita TMAR Report 2017-2018

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SMR TMAR_1718_Final Report.pdfDownload 
Appendix N - Monitoring Program GIS Files.zipDownload 
Appendix M - HMP Monitoring Documents.pdfDownload 
Appendix L - CEDEN Submittals and Receipts.zipDownload 
Appendix K - MS4 Outfall Wet Weather Land Use Based Assessment.pdfDownload 
Appendix J - Wet Weather MS4 Outfall QC Report.pdfDownload 
Appendix I - MS4 Outfall Wet Weather Loads_Final.pdfDownload 
Appendix H - SMR WMA 2017-18 Hydrographs.pdfDownload 
Appendix G - Bioassessment Documents - San Diego County.zipDownload 
Appendix G - Bioassessment Documents - Riverside.zipDownload 
Appendix F - Receiving Water Monitoring Results.zipDownload 
Appendix E - Dry Weather MS4 Data.zipDownload 
Appendix D - RBC TMDL and MS4 Reports.zipDownload 
Appendix C - Receiving Water Monitoring Station Descriptions.pdfDownload 
Appendix B - Guidance Documents.zipDownload 
Appendix A - Rainfall Information.zipDownload