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F.4.a.(3) F.4.a.(4) F.4.a.(5) F.4.a.(6) & F.4.a.(7)
San Juan To visit the South Orange County Regional Clearinghouse, please click here.
Santa Margarita To visit the Santa Margarita WMA Regional Clearinghouse, please click here.
San Luis Rey
San Dieguito  
Los Peñasquitos  
Mission Bay/ La Jolla
San Diego River
San Diego Bay  
Tijuana River
Title Download
Santa Margarita TMAR Report 2017-2018
  16 files      9 downloads
SMR WMA TMAR_2016-2017_Appendices
  15 files      7 downloads
Santa Margarita River Annual Report FY2012-2013
  1 files      24 downloads
Santa Margarita River Annual Report FY2014-2015
  2 files      22 downloads
Santa Margarita River TMAR Annual Report 2016-2017
  1 files      26 downloads
Santa Margarita River (SMR) Water Quality Plan (WQIP) – 2018
  1 files      56 downloads
Santa Margarita Plans and Projects Archive
  16 files      14 downloads
Santa Margarita Water Quality Improvement Plan
  1 files      64 downloads
Rainbow Creek Nutrient Reduction and Management Plan
  1 files      87 downloads