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Welcome to the Help Desk for the Model BMP Design Manual for the San Diego region. The Model BMP Design Manual addresses updated onsite post-construction storm water requirements and provides procedures for planning, preliminary design, selection, and design of permanent storm water BMPs based on the performance standards required by the MS4 Permit for the San Diego Region [Order No. R9-2013-0001 as amended by R9-2015-001 and R9-2015-0100].
The Help Desk is intended to provide a platform to submit technical questions regarding the Model BMP Design Manual.
Non-technical questions related to jurisdiction-specific requirements such as submittal requirements, approval process, project-specific questions and policy-related issues should be directed to the applicable municipality/agency (List of Jurisdictional Contacts).

Submissions are accepted by email only*. A reply will be provided within 5 working days from day of submission. Please note that a compilation of questions and responses will be posted in the Questions and Answers Log in a timely manner; name and contact information of submitter will not be posted. Please check the log to see if your question has been answered already.
Please submit all technical questions to the Help Desk email address:
*Email submission information should include the following to best ensure a timely and helpful response:

  • Indicate the specific section/appendix of the Model Manual that pertains to the question. If appropriate, also indicate specific figure, table, or equation by number/name.
  • Questions should be as specific as possible to facilitate responses.
  • Supply contact information of submitter (information will not be posted in response log).